euro attractions show ended successfully|-2022世界杯买球官网

euro attractions show ended successfully|-2022世界杯买球官网

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euro attractions show is a trade fair for the attraction industry in europe, aiming to provide a more wide-ranging platform for manufacturers from all around the world.


been joined euro attractions show for 2 years and got a lot of good feedback from insiders, we, neofuns is one of the most important exhibitors on this fair. many of our prize vending machines and sports arcade machines are popular among our clients and competitors. they are surprised by the outlook, quality, and functions of our machine. without a doubt, many new members are very interested in this kind of game machine and coming to ask for equipment operation and technical support.




euro attractions show sponsor made the extremely strict requirements which are asking the exhibitors to bring the newly designed machines to join the fair.  the requirement for us, neofuns is very easy as we always keep researching and developing a new game machine to suit for the market. also, our newest machine -amazing racing sports arcade machine and skee ball arcade machine have already won a lot of good commands and impression from the fair sponsors which makes us became the best exhibitors of the good service and technical support.


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